The Light Came Into the World

And never left

Trudi Griffin


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Before GPS, a star marked the destination. While some heard choirs of angels when the star appeared, many did not. Yet the star shone brightly in the darkness to light the way.

Considering the length of time the wise men would have to travel, that bright star remained in the sky for some time. Noticeable, but unobtrusive, it marked the Kingdom destination in an out-of-the-way stable. The shepherds and wise men found the way there, but countless others under that same sky missed the announcement of the King’s arrival.

The birth of the King did not occur as people expected. Little fanfare with no human evidence of royalty. Yet who is it that can make the stars in the heavens explode with so much joy that its light magnifies and grasps the attention of those who would see it?

For 33 years Jesus shared His light in one corner of the world, encouraging others to do the same. Throughout His ministry, He told people to be the light in a world of darkness and not to cover that light. He also said that some people would see the light, and some would not, but we should shine nonetheless.

I have explained the secret about God’s kingdom to you, but for others I can use only stories. The reason is, “These people will look and look, but never see. They will listen and listen, but never understand. If they did, they would turn to God and be forgiven.” (Mark 4:11–12, CEV)

Just as the star announced His birth, the light continues to guide us, if only we have the eyes to see it. The light is evident in people who follow Jesus. They have a glow about them, a peace, a strength that does not originate in this world. Perhaps you’ve seen this light yet do not understand it. Seek the light for yourself and see what happens.

People filled with His light love others unconditionally despite political, ideological, and lifestyle differences. Although we struggle sometimes because we are human, we strive to love as Jesus loves. And Jesus loves everyone so much He gave up His life to conquer sin and death. Through Him, we are also conquerors.

Be the star

Christmas is a reminder for us to show we are His by the way we love one another (John 13:35). As the star guided those who could see to Jesus, thus we must shine as an invitation to His love which saves.

My prayer this holiday season is that people will feel the love of Jesus and that love for Him will shine like a star to guide others to Him.

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Trudi Griffin

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