You are not alone

I am here, evidence of God’s mercy and grace, but I am nobody special.

The Bible tells us to share what God has done in our lives, not to promote ourselves, but to glorify Him. Two remarkable young women recently reminded me of that. No matter what I think about it, my testimony is important, and it does not belong to me, it belongs to God.

These same young women showed me we struggle with the same things.

So here we are.

Testimony about God’s impact on our lives is too important to set aside. If I am honest with…

Highlights from my 2020 reading challenge

When I was a kid, the Two Rivers Public Library held a summer reading challenge every year. Readers scored a point for each book read and at the end of the summer, the one with the most points won a prize. While I remember racing my bike to the library repeatedly to participate every year, I don’t remember ever winning. But it’s all about the challenge. I love reading, so that became my challenge.

One 2020 New Year’s Resolution I kept was challenging myself to read 130 books in one year. I did not give myself many rules regarding those…

And what they reveal

Dear Sisters,

Dreams are crazy things. In my experience, there seems to be a spiritual side to them as well as a psychological side. On one hand, they are the brain’s method of housecleaning, but they can also reveal our deepest fears that we struggle to admit to ourselves.

When I was a kid, I had nightmares that recurred and intensified each night. A malevolent entity, in the form of something mundane like a stuffed toy, would come increasingly close to me each night in my dreams. It did not look terrifying, but somehow I knew it was. As the…

With millions floating around for diversity, equity, and inclusion, why are kids still hungry?

Funding priorities are upside down. News headlines celebrate the many zeroes attached to programming for diversity, equity, and inclusion, yet over 13 million children go to school hungry every year. When children are focused on basic needs like food, nothing else matters. Let’s get our national priorities straight.

Remembering Maslow

You’ll notice at the bottom of the pyramid, the foundation of everything else is physiological needs. Physiological needs include food. Pay attention to the yellow pull-out on self-actualization.

Scripture Prompt

Get out of the way and let God work

Fighting a battle, braving a storm, or navigating the stress of life puts us to the test. Moving to another state may not sound like a fight in the traditional sense of the word, but getting all the pieces to work together can feel like an obstacle course fit for boot camp. The question remains the same. Do we trust God as a general idea or do we TRUST God with real life?

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. (Exodus 14:14, NIV)

Early in the year, we thought about moving closer to family. The…

How do you answer this question

A simple three-word question threw me for a loop, but it is the fundamental question.

That question gave me pause when I first read it in Neil T. Anderson’s book about freedom in Christ. The first book I went through is called, The Bondage Breaker and the prequel to that is Victory Over the Darkness: Realize the Power of Your Identity in Christ.

Most of us will answer it by describing who we are in relation to others, by what we do, or by other affiliations. “I am so-and-so’s daughter, I am a wife, mother, I am a therapist…”


Break the chains and experience freedom

Dear Sisters,

Allow me to share some wisdom from a fellow Sister who said,

“God has warriors all over and the more you seek him, he’ll put you in touch with your crew.”

I couldn’t agree more. Our suffering and trials are meant to glorify him who saves us, and our testimony brings people to him. Despite knowing this, I keep my testimony to myself too much. My sisters of faith give me courage to tell it.

God’s restoration is indeed something new, something more beautiful, something only a Creator can make. I feel this change so deeply in my…

Billie Eilish is wrong — aim for something deeper

Dear Sisters of Faith,

If you are a young woman or a mother of a young woman, I beg you to proactively fight the cultural garbage that pollutes and degrades womanhood. All this fancy packaging and instant gratification for 15 seconds of social media fame is a farce that devours our young people and turns them into useless idiots who do not know their beauty and true worth. The consequences foretell impending doom and a generation dependent on chemicals and superficial remedies that act as a band-aid for soul-sickness.

An article in The Federalist caught my eye today because it…

And remember how He chose you

Something magical is happening on television. By magical, I mean something akin to a miracle. Something which inspires awe and raw emotion. You won’t find it on mainstream television, though. Much like the way God sent his only Son to earth over two thousand years ago, this presentation of those events exists outside of expectations and contemporary culture. You must reach out and seek it.

Feel free to skip this article and head directly to The Chosen to experience it for yourself.

That was me

On Holy Saturday, my husband and I checked out The Chosen. After binge-watching all 8 episodes of the…


Disturbing foreshadowing fiction

You know how some fiction is so creepy because of the thread of reality woven throughout? That’s what Mike Bockoven does in this thriller. I listened to the audiobook, which featured different voices from each character’s point of view. That made it even more surreal.

What is the book about?

Think of FantasticLand as Disney World’s competitor. An unexpectedly massive hurricane hits Florida, and the theme park gets cut off from civilization and rescue. They evacuated the patrons in time, but not the employees. …

Trudi Griffin, MS, LPC

Shining light in the darkness with words ~ devoted to Jesus.

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